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Hip New Chika’s shaping Technology


This Article aims to encourage Women locally / Abroad to take up the Appropriate education,empowerment of women. which will lead to a prosperous Nation Pakistan.

Many women have contributed to Pakistan’s technology industry and have made a name for themselves,The concept of Women in Technology or towards Entrepreneurship in Pakistan is a new one. There are several examples of women leading the way in Technology and towards Entrepreneurship.This has lead to the growth of the economy from over last few years.

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The presence of these enthusiastic women have brought prosperity,welfare and as role models have encouraged numerous others to stand up and strive for stunning achievements. Here is the list of few Pakistani game changers and their stories.

1. Ms Jehan Ara is the mastermind behind PASHA (Pakistan Software Houses Associations).She is an entrepreneur,speaker,motivator,Human Rights activist and writer for various Industrial publications. A President of P@SHA Tech Incubator,The Nest I/O .

2. Ms Sara Haider is of Pakistani heritage,live’s in San Francisco,Is a Software Engineer at Periscope the new live broadcast /streaming app making head way. An Inspiration to women locally that engineering is not a dying field.

3.Ms Fiza Farhan is the Co-Founder and CEO of Buksh Foundation in addition she is also the Director of Buksh Energy Pvt Ltd runs .A micro finance institution that brings clean energy projects to poor and rural areas. She made it to Forbes’ international list of 30 Under 30 social entrepreneurs was also selected as a “Future Energy Leader” at the World Energy Council.

4.Ms Mona Mahtani from Hyderabad, Sindh has received International N-Peace Award from Judy Cheng-Hopkins, Special Adviser to the United Nations Secretary General Ban-Ki-Moon, N-peace Network is a multi-country network of peace advocates in Asia working on the advancement of women and peace issues .She is an advocate of Inter faith harmony and spends her time running a school and other similar projects advocating peace and educational the youth.

5. Ms Shiza Shahid is a young, female Pakistani educational advocate .A Stanford Grad and former McKinsey consultant; she became Ms Malala Yousafzai Chief Strategist and is the driving force behind The Malala Fund. And has even made it to Forbes.

6. Ms Kalsoom Lakhani is founder and CEO of Invest2Innovate (i2i) , LLC, a global social enterprise intermediary that matches investors with social entrepreneurs in emerging markets beginning in Pakistan and (soon) Bangladesh. By her venture she supports entrepreneurs, engaging mentors & investors, and partnering with local stakeholders, work to build a better enabling environment in Pakistan to encourage investment & entrepreneurship.

7. Ms Saba Gul did her Bachelors, Masters from MIT. She studied Computer Sciences and Economics. She is a successful entrepreneur that runs a nonprofit organization Popinjay, which helps girls, and their families of Pakistan, living below the poverty line to get education.

8. Ms Salma Jafri is who founded her own Content Marking Firm named as WordPL.net in 2008 and now she is working currently with Fortune 100 Companies as a Services Provider.





KAZam equals KAZbrella .


The KAZbrella is a revolutionary Umbrella more appropriately (an Inside Out umbrella) .We’re currently experiencing in my home country of karachi .Dare I say it a real summer this year with temperatures soaring all time high linking to countless deaths, The revolutionary design can help numerous here and world over from the direct heat and ultra violet radiations . And eventually from the rain when it comes. So, despite the lack of rain (for the next 72 hours at least) it’s still worthwhile speaking to you about KAZbrella.

KAZbrella is a patented Inside out Umbrella

The Device was invented by 61-year-old Jenan Kazim from Hertfordshire ,UK . It is a one of a kind revolutionary design that has several benefits .Mr Kazim, is an aeronautical engineer,he came up with the idea after his mother in law complained her regular umbrella had dripped all over the floor of her house.The idea started as a mere concept seven years ago and in May 2015 the family run business launched a campaign through Kickstarter to fund the manufacturing process.


KAZbrella has challenged an age long umbrella design and know it turns inside out, similar to how a flower opens vice versa to the original design of the umbrella.There are many benefits from the reverse folding mechanism .

Some of the features discussed in the video above are:

  • Drip free.
  • Dry to hold.
  • Opens and closes easily in confined spaces.
  • Avoids poking people in the eye.
  • Doesn’t easily break in strong wind.

To close the umbrella you pull it up, instead of pulling it down as is the case with a normal brolly. The KAZbrella has been designed to operate for the user in the same way as a conventional umbrella. All you need to do is open and close the KAZbrella as you would a regular umbrella.But it has resolves some of the problems that have been lingering on with conventional umbrellas.

They successfully raised £265,397 and expect to deliver the first batch of KAZbrellas in October (2015) .The KAZbrella is currently being manufactured. It will be available to purchase from this website (www.kazbrella.com) in the second half of 2015. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please email info@kazdesigns.co.uk with the subject on details in relation to the product.

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