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KAZam equals KAZbrella .


The KAZbrella is a revolutionary Umbrella more appropriately (an Inside Out umbrella) .We’re currently experiencing in my home country of karachi .Dare I say it a real summer this year with temperatures soaring all time high linking to countless deaths, The revolutionary design can help numerous here and world over from the direct heat and ultra violet radiations . And eventually from the rain when it comes. So, despite the lack of rain (for the next 72 hours at least) it’s still worthwhile speaking to you about KAZbrella.

KAZbrella is a patented Inside out Umbrella

The Device was invented by 61-year-old Jenan Kazim from Hertfordshire ,UK . It is a one of a kind revolutionary design that has several benefits .Mr Kazim, is an aeronautical engineer,he came up with the idea after his mother in law complained her regular umbrella had dripped all over the floor of her house.The idea started as a mere concept seven years ago and in May 2015 the family run business launched a campaign through Kickstarter to fund the manufacturing process.


KAZbrella has challenged an age long umbrella design and know it turns inside out, similar to how a flower opens vice versa to the original design of the umbrella.There are many benefits from the reverse folding mechanism .

Some of the features discussed in the video above are:

  • Drip free.
  • Dry to hold.
  • Opens and closes easily in confined spaces.
  • Avoids poking people in the eye.
  • Doesn’t easily break in strong wind.

To close the umbrella you pull it up, instead of pulling it down as is the case with a normal brolly. The KAZbrella has been designed to operate for the user in the same way as a conventional umbrella. All you need to do is open and close the KAZbrella as you would a regular umbrella.But it has resolves some of the problems that have been lingering on with conventional umbrellas.

They successfully raised £265,397 and expect to deliver the first batch of KAZbrellas in October (2015) .The KAZbrella is currently being manufactured. It will be available to purchase from this website (www.kazbrella.com) in the second half of 2015. If you would like to be added to our mailing list please email info@kazdesigns.co.uk with the subject on details in relation to the product.

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